Come on in

For some the dreaded question is, “So, tell me about yourself.”  It could be for a job interview, meeting a new partner, or potential in-laws. You had rehearsed the responses over and over, all the responses were not forthcoming of an interesting life.

Believe me, I understand.

I am a self-proclaimed Priestess and Spiritual Counselor.  Books of the metaphysical nature, and spiritual development I’ll read, study, and research until the wee hours of the night.  Why; you may ask?  To heal, to send positive energy to others for them to heal.

When navigating through the challenges of life, that I call an adventure it can be overwhelming.

So, come on in.  Here you can order up navigation tools, inspiration to open your own business, instructions on motivation.  Here you can discover what makes you happy, your well-being, discover your truth.

Drink from the well of wisdom from past teachers, currents and most of all your insight, your inner conversations.  Name your intent, order up clarity, peace and other gifts of good report.

There will be resources to discover and tap into,  avenues to explore and an opportunity to experience calmness in the face or in the midst of chaos.

I welcome the opportunity to guide, motivate and inspire you through this blog, one to one coaching, and on-line courses utilizing tarot, channeling (medium-ship) and intuitive guidance.

The offer is to personal message, email or respond to this blog.  We can talk and see if our adventures will blend.

To expanding and exploring your world.

Thank you.

Charlene Pratt, Priestess,
Well-Being, Spiritual Coach


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